Therapeutic poetry

*Disclaimer: This is depressing and not necessarily constructive. Terrarium Noise Witnessing unsteady mental health is like sharing a bed with a spouse who chokes puffy wisps of white condensation into a plastic bubble – a CPAP mask terrarium of breath. Everything is a quiet, buzzing hum until someone is awakened as the body shifts –… Continue reading Therapeutic poetry

Hints in Books (Realizing Sexuality)

These are some books with lesbian themes that I remember reading when I was a teenager, and even much younger. I like the sense of connection and self discovery in these books. I think some of them are a bit outdated. Here goes. I first had a hint about… Continue reading Hints in Books (Realizing Sexuality)

Therapeutic Poetry

No punctuation. Stream of consciousness. This would have gotten me a terrible grade in class. But now I’m floating free, so… Greedy Indecisions I want to be a curved piece of bone spit from the moon weathered like the most supple of civil servants the muscle underneath horse featherings slaking myself over beach sand as… Continue reading Therapeutic Poetry